Transferring a WordPress site from one domain to another

Weave Together

Using the All-in-One WP Migration plugin to transfer a site by exporting and then importing it.

The Export


Go to the Export screen

On the origin website choose the Export option under the All-inOne WP Migration menu.

Export Site

Leave all the settings as they are and choose File from the EXPORT TO menu.

Preparing to export…




Ready to Download

Once the archiving is complete a Green outlined button will appear.

Once clicked the Download will start


The Import


Switch to the destination site

and click the Import option under the All-in-One WP Migration menu.


Drag the downloaded file onto the green outlined IMPORT FROM button.


Check that you are importing to the correct site and if you are then click PROCEED.


Wait for the import to run its course.


When the import has finished you will get a success message. Step 1 is important and can’t be ignored. Click the Permalink Settings link.

Sign in again

You will need to sign in again as you have completely replaced the old site. The username and password are the same as the ones used on the Origin site.

Choose a setting

We normally use the Post name option for the permalink settings.

Save the changes…for the first time

Click the Save Changes button.

Save the changes…for the second time

Wait for the page to finish loading and then click the Save Changes button again. (There’s no harm in doing it a third time if you aren’t sure you got it right)

Fixing Jetpack


Fix Jetpack

A warning might appear at the top of the page about the Jetpack connection. If you don’t need historical statistics then it’s best to go for the Start Fresh option.

An example of this would be when the site has just moved to WordPress or it is brand new and the statistics collected are only for the site when it was under development.

Sign in to and authorise

You’ll need your sign in details for this.

Choose the free plan

You’ll be given a few choices of plan. The button for the free option is at the bottom and much smaller than the paid for plans.

Switch on Jetpack settings

Switch on the Image Performance option for free, fast image hosting and follow the standard procedure for the other settings.

Open a new tab and visit the site to make sure it is working

Success – all done. You can now delete the old site. Be careful you get the right one. It is sensible to keep the Exported site for a while, just in case!

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