Weave Together are…

Weave Together’s four partners have many years of experience working with and for non profits and most us have (or do) run our own businesses.

Annette Harrex BSc


Annette runs a farm south of Dunedin and has been working doing research, books and payroll for non profits for several years.

Bronwyn Boon PhD


Bronwyn lectured in Business at the University of Otago for many years with a keen interest in non profits. In 2016 she left academia to work in the community.

Doreen Michelle


Doreen has been doing payroll and book-keeping for businesses big and small for the last 16 years. Before that she ran a business with her husband.

Rob Tigeir BSc


Rob studied Social Policy and went on to work in housing, eventually focussing on governance and compliance, he’s been helping non profits get better at what they do in Scotland and NZ for the last decade.

We are a new organisation. We are working on our Trust Deed and will be seeking registration as a Charitable Trust. We have public liability insurance and professional liability insurance and now a bank account!